Laredo Dryer


Everything you love about the 1836, but with a single motor!

Strong, stable, quiet and dependable - with a warranty that proves that Liberty Star stands behind our equipment!

Our innovative filter slot makes filter changes a breeze (pun intended), and the commercial quality, crush proof hose will stand up to the toughest environments.

Let's face it, most dryers are all the same - a motor in a tube - and while we are proud of the quality of the Laredo it really boils down to one thing: how can your equipment help your bottom line?

Parts break, motors wear out, and accidents happen.  When you have to get service done on your equipment you have to deal with down time on top of the cost (in time and money) for the service call.  With equipment from Liberty Star, you never have to worry.  When equipment goes down, it's not your problem.  It's our problem.

Every Laredo dryer comes with our exclusive, no hassle, two year nozzle-to-cord full coverage warranty.  If, for any reason, any part is found to be defective, wears out, or breaks, we will replace it for free.  No more service calls.  No more hassle.

Laredo Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110/120
  • Amperage: 7.0
  • Hertz: 60 hz
  • Wattage: 770
  • CFM: 121


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