About Us

Liberty Star Equipment was created by 25-year veterans of the grooming and animal supply business after looking over the options available to their customers.

Why are there so few manufacturers of grooming equipment, limiting choice?
Why do we have to settle for inferior, fragile equipment and then pay a fortune to get it fixed?
And finally, why is there so little innovation in this industry?

To answer these questions, Liberty Star Equipment was created, with the following promises:

  • We will strive to be partners with our customers, not just manufacturers
  • We will offer new, innovative products, designed to last
  • We will stand behind our products, offering the strongest warranties in the business
  • We will always assemble and manufacture our products in the USA

Now let's discuss "Made in USA" a little bit.  The Federal Trade Commission only allows manufacturers to claim a product is made in America if "all or nearly all" of the parts are of U.S. origin and the product is manufactured in America.

At Liberty Star Equipment, we want to bring our customers the best possible products and this means we find the best possible parts.  For instance, the two best brands of motors for the vacuum/blower market are not domestically made.  In order to have the highest quality dryer we made the choice to use one of these motors in the 1836 and Laredo, making it impossible to advertise it as "Made in the USA".

Though we live in a global world economy, our products have always been and will always be assembled here in America using as many domestically sourced parts as possible, creating opportunities and jobs in our local communities.

So while we CAN say "Assembled in the USA using a mixture of domestically and internationally sourced parts", it really seems like a mouthful - and we feel that the best thing we can do is explain it to you here.